6 Considerations With Fibroids – The Organic Dietitian

6 Considerations With Fibroids - The Organic Dietitian


I myself was diagnosed with a fibroid by my PCP about 3 years ago.  I didn’t have any of the possible symptoms.  No heavy or painful periods that can sometimes be a sign of fibroids.

At the time my doctor suspected a fibroid during a routine pap smear and sent me to get an ultrasound.  I got a call from the doctors office nurse to tell me over the phone that I indeed did have a fibroid and then was like ok good-bye.  But hold on I have some questions.  What can we do about it?  The nurse then told me that the doctor doesn’t do ANYTHING about my fibroid until I start to develop symptoms.  What!  This is NOT ok and should not be how our healthcare system works.  In my mind fibroids are a symptoms of something deeper going on and with my own experience (and with all my clients) that was absolutely the case!

I was told that the best “treatment” for my fibroid was birth control pills.  But I had already been on birth control for many years and it actually likely caused my fibroid in the first place vs preventing one from growing.  Because guess what, BCPs can contribute to estrogen dominance and fibroids are linked to estrogen issues.

Some of the common conventional recommendations for fibroids include birth control (as was in my case), a doctor can go in and try to cut off the blood supply to the fibroid, or sometimes in worse cases they may recommend a hysterectomy.  But what those things don’t address are the causes of fibroids.  If the root causes get overlooked then your health may continue to suffer in other ways.

During my own healing journey I was able to figure out the 6 considerations with fibroids to address root causes and wanted to share them with you so you can be empowered!

Hormone Balancing and Estrogen Dominance

1.  Get your hormones properly tested because estrogen dominance can often be a factor with fibroids so investigate what could be causing yours.  Things like gut dysbiosis, inflammation, copper toxicity, liver congestion, constipation, and low progesterone.

I didn’t get real answers to where my estrogen issues were stemming from until I did a DUTCH hormone test and a GI MAP stool test.  But everyone is different to you have to find your contributing factors.

Read more in my full post about possible estrogen dominance causes.  CLICK HERE.

Supporting Minerals including Iodine

2.  You likely need some iodine.  Why?  Because your uterus needs iodine.  It can impact estrogen levels and also helps your body detox estrogen as well as making cells less sensitive to estrogen.

But caution when using iodine on your own because you need to consider dosing, if you have an autoimmune thyroid condition, what form of iodine you take, and make sure you are getting the proper cofactors.  I definitely recommend working with a good practitioner that can help you here.

I often check a full thyroid panel and a hair tissue mineral analysis test with clients to better determine if and how much iodine they may need.

Castor Oil Packs over Liver and Uterus

3.  Castor oil packs over the uterus as well as liver can be helpful and you can read more about those HERE.

Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage

4.  Poor blood circulation and poor lymphatic drainage systemically and in and around a woman’s uterus may be a factor.  Acupuncture can help increase circulation to the uterus and you may support the lymphatic system with things like dry brushing.

Enzyme Therapy

5.  Fibroids may also be susceptible to high dose enzyme therapy.  The idea is that these enzymes taken without food can breakdown the fibroids versus your food.  The enzyme Serrapeptase is the type that is typically used for this purpose.  Check with your practitioner to determine the best dose.

Mental and Emotional Health

6.  This might not be a topic that you would not think of when it comes to fibroids but I would also consider mental and emotional issues.  Our mind is a powerful healing tool.  Some feel that fibroids can also be connected to blocked emotions.  So things like meditation, visualization, journaling, or working with a psychologist may also be a helpful tool.

Depending on the size you may not be able to eliminate or shrink them completely but the goal is to at least prevent their growth (which is what I have been able to do).


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