A Nutrient called happiness – Health Total

A Nutrient called happiness - Health Total
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A Nutrient called happiness - Health Total 1
In order to be truly healthy, you not only have to eat in balance, but also maintain a balanced state of mind. Your mind will be in a state of balance if you are at peace with yourself. This will happen if you have performed all your duties correctly. You have a duty towards your parents, towards your children, towards the people with whom you live, towards your work, towards society, your country and humanity. But most of us perform our duties towards our work because that is where you earn money and get recognition. We often fail to spend sufficient time and effort with our near and dear ones or with those who needs us. This creates unhappiness within us. Just as certain foods like fruit juice and vegetable juices have a cleansing action on the body, keeping a positive attitude will have a cleansing action on the mind. You can easily get rid of physical blockages for eg constipation (by taking more fiber in your diet or by taking laxatives. Similarly you can get rid of mental blockages like jealousy, hatred, greed and anger (which cause more harm than physical blockages) by having a positive attitude. In yoga. it is said that the disease first enters the mind and then seeps into the physical body. For e.g. no amount of fiber, water of laxatives help some people to get rid of constipation. These people are usually stressed, wound up, constricted, disturbed, hi strung and can develop chronic constipation, ulcers, heart burn, acidity, acne, skin infections, eczema, bleeding from the nose (Remember Shahrukh Khan in Asoka) Therefore cleansing of the mind is as important as cleansing of the body. When you are able to do that you can be truly happy.

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