As of today, I have lost 4stone (56pounds) in under 5month. 20/11/19

As of today, I have lost 4stone (56pounds) in under 5month. 20/11/19
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Hi Guys,

Stats: 6ft1 M – 20st 3lb > 16st 2lb

As the title says as of today I have lost a huge amount of weight in a short amount of time and I thought id give a little insight into how it did it to see if I can help anyone else on a small or big journey. I’ll try and cut it down to in stages since it never is a simple journey.

Stage 1: I think this is the biggest and most important stage for me and I understand this isn’t always viable for most people, but it really does help. I MOVED out of my family home, this is a huge one probably for me and a lot of other people who are obese and young. Clearly my family wasn’t feeding me healthy and good portion meals, they are of course not fully to blame but that was a huge factor. I, of course, would also snack on all sorts of junk throughout the day. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you have to find out what courses you to overeat and be unhealthy, also you have to admit to yourself I’m OBESE.

Stage 2: I bought a Fitbit (Versa 2) this has really helped me and motivated me to stay healthy, active and push towards simple goals when working out, I use as a game and constantly push to beat my previous scores, times and stats every time I work out.

Stage 3: I started running (Couch to 5k App), since I had just moved out to live on my own it didn’t think I could justify spending a monthly membership on a gym, also been Christmas time I decided that I would just start running every evening. Now when you first start this is going to be hard and you will have to push yourself but I just kept thinking “this is the hardest its ever going to be”.

Stage 3 Part 2: I started hitting the gym after 1month of running, I was losing weight and I knew I would attend most days since it’s no different than going for my run. I don’t really have a routine and mostly wing it if I’m honest, but giving it a go is what it’s all about. I do attend 6 days a week though switching different muscle groups and doing cardio every other day. This is what works for me and is of course in a way ideal, but it’s getting me moving and working out.

Stage 4: Diet – Of course, this is the major part of weight loss and not everything is about running and exercising. I have tried loads and loads of diets over the years and honestly, nothing will work until you change your mindset and your way of thinking. I went from not caring about my calorie intake to being extreme in some cases. I stick to the 1500kcal cap every day and just eat 3 healthy meals a day. (Porridge, Muscle Foods Prep Pot, Stir Fry, Snacks = Fruit) At first, the lifestyle change is hard but with time it becomes easy and your body will thank you for it.

Of course, DO NOT DRINK CALORIES water only 🙂

I do not really have any before or after pictures if im honest, but here’s the information from my weekly tracking using my Fitbit.

If anyone else is using Fitbit for tracking please add me up, will be good to have some friendly competition.

Edit: Checking spelling and all, sorry for the long post x

Added my stats the start of the post, Title should be 20/12/19

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