At a healthy weight for the first time in 20 years : loseit

At a healthy weight for the first time in 20 years : loseit


25 F 5’3″ SW: 192 CW:136 GW:140

I’ve struggled with my weight since the age of 5. I have always wanted to be healthy growing up but I never wanted to put in any work. I got close to a ‘healthy’ weight at one point a couple years ago but it was because I had started eating 500 calories a day. My ex talked a lot about how I was the biggest girl he dated. I really wanted to lose that distinction. Fastforward a year, a broken engagement and a cross country move I ended that diet. Living alone made it easier for me to just order food and sit around and drink. I went into a repeated pattern of getting drunk, ordering taco bell, and laying around the next day due to hangovers.

I’ve been sober since November. In the effort to make myself healthier at this start of the year I made a goal to complete an Olympic triathlon at the end of August. Having a goal helped me focus on eating right and working out. Since I had sunk money into the triathlon I knew I had to follow through. I traded all my sweets for fruits and my meals started consistenting of chicken, mix of roasted vegetables, spinach and rice. I did 20 minutes of strength training with 40 minutes of cardio 5 days a week and 1 day a week was dedicated to an hour run or bike ride. I lost 20 lbs in a couple months with the mixture of diet and exercise. When the pandemic hit I stopped strength training and focused a lot on cardio (I don’t really have the equipment for strength training). I’m up to doing a 13 mi bike ride 5 days a week and a half marathon on Sunday. That routine helped me shed 38 lbs over 4-5 months. The weight loss has slowed as expected and I’m working on switching my diet so that I can start working on weight training again.

The triathlon is canceled for the year but that just means I have a head start on training for next year’s! The biggest thing that helped me on my process was having an achievement I needed to reach (like a video game haha).

My before and after (i initially set it to public at first on accident)


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