Athletic Fat (27M/230) : loseit

Athletic Fat (27M/230) : loseit


Hi Everyone,

Just looking for some advice on how I can do better. I am currently what I call “athletic fat”. I used to be a D1 athlete (soccer) at 186 lbs and can still routinely put down great cardio on the treadmill/bike. I have been doing a hybrid insanity calendar ( ) for the past 58 days during quarantine. I am feeling fitter and stronger, but still not liking how I look and not losing as I expected. I am getting discouraged, but don’t want to fall back into a rut where I initially gained the weight. I have been doing CICO at 2000 calories (supposedly a 500 deficient for my body weight/height and that’s not counting exercise) and am doing a decent job hitting my calorie goal (4/7 days hit 2000, 3/7 around 2400-2600, but no huge binges). My problem is also 100% quantity and not quality of food (besides alcohol). Am I just not being disciplined on the calories? Do I need to cut to a lower number? Does anyone have any advice/strategies for holding myself more accountable?

Appreciate any support!


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