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We have many “fan favorite” shoes here at Brooks, and we’re excited to learn more about the newly updated Ghost 12. The shoe’s BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioned midsole contribute to what make it a favorite with its just-right softness that doesn’t lose responsiveness or durability. We sat down with Jena Winger, senior footwear product line manager, to learn more about the Ghost 12 and how it provides a balanced, smooth ride for the runner.


This is the 12th iteration of Ghost. What will a long-time Ghost wearer notice in this new version of the shoe? What can someone expect who is new to this shoe?
A long-time Ghost wearer will definitely experience an “ahh, this is my shoe” feeling of familiarity when stepping into the Ghost 12. The Ghost 12 is also lighter than the Ghost 11, so customers will notice that feeling when on foot.  
The Ghost is a real workhorse of a shoe and it can work for so many people. I think of it as the Goldilocks of running shoes – it’s not too light, not too soft, it’s juuust right. It’s light enough that it can be your everyday running shoe or you can lace it up to race. It could even be your favorite shoe for recovery. This versatility makes it a hit with our customer base. Fun fact: some of our professional athletes, the Brooks Beasts, wear Ghost as their primary trainer!


As you mentioned, Ghost 12 weighs less than previous versions of the shoe. Can you explain a bit about this update?
There’s a sweet spot for weight when it comes to the Ghost and we’re really happy with where this shoe landed from a weight perspective. We were very mindful to keep this shoe from getting too heavy, while also ensuring the durability of the shoe.

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Can you describe the engineered mesh and 3D Fit Print upper? How does this enhance the fit of the shoe?
The engineered air mesh provides a neat aesthetic for the shoe because you can actually see the second color peeking through the holes of the mesh (as seen in the image above). The 3D Fit Print design provides Ghost 12 with a similar aesthetic to its partner shoe, the Adrenaline GTS 19. Note that the Adrenaline actually gets more structure from the 3D Fit Print itself. While Ghost has similar design lines, the 3D Fit Print provides a faster look for the shoe, versus adding support as it does in Adrenaline GTS. As partner shoes, we love the similar aesthetic between the styles.


Can you describe the flex grooves and explain how that helps with forefoot flexibility/helps the runner?
Flex grooves are when there’s a break between the rubber, paired with an indentation in the midsole at the same location. By having the sole “broken up,” the shoe flexes more naturally with the way the foot itself flexes.

What is the newest version of Brooks Ghost, What are the updates to Ghost 12, Brooks Shoes with BioMogo DNA and DNA LOFT, What are Brooks Cushion shoes

The outsole also features a Segmented Crash Pad. Can you describe what this is and how it helps the runner?
The Segmented Crash Pad is an integrated system of shock absorbers that are visible from the side of the shoe. Cushioning and transition are enhanced by both the Flex Grooves and the Segmented Crash Pad, whether you land on heel or midfoot.

What did wear testers have to say about the shoe during testing?
If you want to know what runners think of the Ghost 12, we’re happy to share some feedback from wear testers who had the chance to log some miles in the shoe.
-“The cushion is spot-on what I expect from the Ghost line of shoes – that slightly firm with cushioning that kicks in at slower paces, and the ride on this shoe is so much better than any of the versions before!”
-“Perfection for me!! They fit beautifully. I raced a marathon after running in them for about 5 days and had ZERO problems. My feet are the only things that don’t feel banged up after my race.”

-“The forefoot felt amazing. It had enough room for my feet to move and breath and the midfoot just right. Not tight at all. The heel room feels great as well. The Ghost 12 definitely feels light and comfortable. It doesn’t feel like I am wearing a running shoe at times.”


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