Behind the Laces: Glycerin 17

Behind the Laces: Glycerin 17


Here at Brooks, we’re always innovating to provide the best products for runners. The Glycerin 17 launches today, and we want to learn a bit more about the shoe, what’s new in it and how it came to be. We sat down with Nikhil Jain, Brooks senior manager of footwear product line management, to learn more about the Glycerin 17 and how it provides the ultimate in softness for the runner.


This is the 17th iteration of Glycerin. What will a long-time Glycerin wearer notice in this new version of the shoe?

A Glycerin wearer will notice that it’s the softest version of the shoe they’ve ever worn and that it provides the best initial feel underfoot. The updated plush sockliner is what provides this premium step-in feel.

Personally, I think Glycerin 17 is a visually striking shoe and has a richer look when compared to previous versions. It has an updated look and it really jumps off the shelf of a footwear wall – the customer will notice that.


How will Glycerin 17’s DNA LOFT midsole technology feel for runners that are new to the shoe?

Someone trying the shoe for the first time will love the initial soft step in. Once they start running in the shoe, they will notice the super soft feel and the amazingly smooth transition thanks to the Plush Transition Zone. One of the best things about DNA LOFT is that it feels soft, but you can be assured it’s not too soft.


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How does DNA LOFT in the Glycerin 17 compare to other midsole materials we offer within the Cushion experience of our footwear offerings?

DNA LOFT is a unique blend of EVA foam, rubber and air, allowing the shoe to feel super soft and yet not too soft (perhaps Goldilocks would say, “it’s just right”). Glycerin 17 also has a thicker midsole so you have a bit more under your foot compared to other styles. Overall, Glycerin 17 is softer, but just as resilient as other Cushion experience shoes we offer.


Can you describe the double jacquard mesh upper and how that enhances the fit?

Double jacquard consists of two thin layers of soft material that are engineered to allow the bottom layer to show through the top layer in certain parts. This allows us to create structure where it’s needed. The beauty of this material is that it allows you to not only design the look you want visually, but also allows you to engineer the structure, flexibility and breathability where you need it.


One thing that we wanted to achieve with Glycerin 17 was to reduce the extraneous materials on the shoe, while still providing the runner with the soft comfort and fit that they’re looking for. The double jacquard mesh is really a great solve for this. Double jacquard mesh is also used on the Transcend 6.
What is the newest version of Brooks Glycerin, What are the updates to Glycerin 17, Brooks Shoes with DNA LOFT, What are Brooks Cushion shoes

The outsole features IDEAL Pressure Zones and a Plush Transition Zone. Can you describe what these are and how they help the runner?

The IDEAL Pressure Zones are in the geometry of the midsole and the outsole. When you are running, this zone distributes the pressure evenly across the shoe (whether you heel strike, mid foot or forefoot strike). The IDEAL Pressure Zones are all about helping your ride as you run.


On the run, as you move from heel strike to forefoot, everyone makes contact on the lateral side. We’ve removed the outsole in that small spot to provide a softer feel and provide a smooth transition. This specific spot is referred to as the Plush Transition Zone. If you look at the bottom of the shoe, you can actually see the Plush Transition Zone. You can find this feature on the Ghost 11, Adrenaline GTS 19, Revel 2 and Transcend 6 styles.

What is the newest version of Brooks Glycerin, What are the updates to Glycerin 17, Brooks Shoes with DNA LOFT, What are Brooks Cushion shoes

Brooks athlete Des Linden is a big fan of the Glycerin. Did she have any input as you developed the shoe or thoughts on how it runs?

As we’re working on updating the shoe, we always keep the runner top of mind, whether it’s your neighbor who runs once a week or a professional athlete. With Glycerin 17, we wanted to provide the smoothest, softest ride, without compromising anything. Des says it like it is, and shared the following with us, “I’m a pretty durable athlete, but I think a big part of that is being in the Glycerin, it just works the best for me. I feel like I could go back to running in the Glycerin 4 and be content, but I’m always pleasantly surprised with the upgrades and tweaks. The DNA LOFT is a stellar cushion, and there’s just the right amount. In the 17, the upper fits like a glove, and as someone who has absurdly sweaty feet, the material is very breathable and well ventilated (thanks for that!).”

What is the newest version of Brooks Glycerin, What are the updates to Glycerin 17, Brooks Shoes with DNA LOFT, What are Brooks Cushion shoes

What did wear testers have to say about the shoe during testing?

If you want to know what runners think of Glycerin 17, we’re happy to share some feedback from wear testers who had the chance to log some miles in the shoe.

-“I really like the cushion in the shoe. It’s soft and airy and allows for a great transition.”

-“I loved the overall comfort of the shoes–especially the fit and the cushioning. I put the shoes on after a long day of being on my feet, and my tired feet felt so good as I began to walk around.”

-“First impressions were very positive. From a visual standpoint, I very much like the colors and design of these ’17s. I’ve had Glycerin’s since the 9th model, and these are by far the best looking ones so far.”

The Glycerin 17 is perfect for someone who wants to run regularly with the protection they need, allowing the shoe to disappear in the moment and truly immerse themselves in the run.


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