Behind the Laces: The Run Happy Launch 6

Brooks Run Happy Shoe, Run Happy Launch


At Brooks, we love to celebrate the run and we truly live and breathe the Run Happy mantra. Run Happy is at the core of all that we do here at Brooks! We’re ecstatic to debut the Run Happy Launch 6 on May 23 to celebrate Global Running Day coming up on June 5. To learn more about the details of this shoe, we chatted with Tarah Kovach, Brooks senior brand creative designer and Chelsea Orr, associate footwear merchandiser.  

Run Happy is the rally cry of Brooks Running. What made us to decide to devote a shoe to this mantra of ours?
Tarah Kovach: This was a unique chance for our team to explore what a Run Happy shoe might look like. It’s the first time we’d been tasked with something like this. Team members brainstormed and came forward with various mood boards about what a Run Happy shoe could be – we had a lot of creative freedom.
Chelsea Orr: A Run Happy shoe is an idea that we’ve thought of time and time again and we had the opportunity to pursue it this year. Releasing this shoe to celebrate Global Running Day (coming up on June 5) was an opportunity for us to share Run Happy with our community!  

This seems like a really project as far as brainstorming is concerned. How many concepts did you initially have?
TK: I had a few initial concepts and the broader team came forward with their ideas as well. 

Brooks Run Happy Shoe, Run Happy Launch

How did we land on this concept as the final iteration?
TK: There were various rounds of revisions and updates until we finessed and landed on what we wanted. We really wanted to hone in on the joy of running and find a way to represent that. We wanted a shoe that was as enthusiastic as the person wearing it. That’s why you have the bursting designs and the color pops. Even the “I Run for” prompt area is bursting, too.
CO:  We ended up with the women’s shoe featuring a pink/white/lemon colorway and the men’s boasting a blue/teal/nightlife colorway. We’re excited about how each version turned out and hope runners will be, too.  

Brooks Run Happy Shoe, Run Happy Launch
Brooks Run Happy Shoe, Run Happy Launch


Where did the idea come from for the “I Run For” prompt on the shoe? What type of pen would we recommend people use to fill in this area of the shoe?
CO: As the design evolved over time and different experts weighed in, we had a footwear developer who had the idea to use a special material that runners would write on. From there, we ran with it and brought the concept to life.
TK: A Sharpie type marker is the best for filling out the prompt or adding other fun doodles to the shoe.  


Regarding the shoe itself, how did we decide to use the Launch 6 to bring Run Happy to life?
CO: The Launch 6 features a new engineered, one-piece mesh upper and internal bootie for a breathable and lightweight fit. The upper also provides a great canvas for prints, making it a perfect style for this Run Happy design! The printed graphics on the mesh differentiate this from other shoes in the line. Launch 6 also features a BioMoGo DNA midsole and the rebounding rubber outsole offers a springy feel underfoot. This will definitely keep you running happy while the Midfoot Transition Zone helps the runner quickly move from heel to toe.  

What is something cheeky or unexpected that someone might not initially notice about this shoe?
TK: There’s an added “let’s run” message on the insole of the shoe to give you that extra motivation as you’re about to lace up and hit the road.
CO: You might think the white TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) piece is simply part of the graphic but as you take a closer look, it’s actually a different material that lends itself to writing!  

Do we anticipate that this will be the first of many Run Happy themed shoes?
CO: There might be more where this came from, but in the meantime, all we can say is…keep running happy!  

The Run Happy Launch 6 will add some pep to your step and some cheer to your next run, too! While we love this shoe, we want you to Run Happy in the shoe that works for you. To find the shoe that works best with how your body moves, be sure to check out our Shoe Finder.



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