Best Running Shoes Reviewed in 2020 [UPDATED]

Best Running Shoes Reviewed in 2020 [UPDATED]


People run in many different environments. Some are into trail running, Many like the sidewalks in their hometown, some go for light paths through parks and forest areas, and many love the open road. It’s quite true that there really isn’t one specific shoe that is absolutely perfect for every type of climate and environment, but some models come close to being a great fit for most.

In our list, we included brands and models that are the most valued running shoes among users in many different locations, with many different types of climate. It is really up to each runner to decide what type of environmental needs they need to be met for there own running or training. The traction of the best shoes for running needed to be well regarded by users, providing a positive grip on the intended surfaces.

For footwear that may be used in multiple weather conditions, some type of protection from the elements is ideal as well. Take a look at the following as well–and make sure to apply it all to your own specific needs and preferences as well!

What do actual users have to say about how these shoes for running hold up in certain terrains?

Whether you are a road runner, trail runner, or someone who likes to mix it up, it is important to know what you are getting into. When you take a look at user reviews make sure that the shoes were used in terrains where you will use them. If you know you will be strictly road running, then don’t weigh too much on users who found their running sneakers didn’t hold up because they decided to take them off the road even though they weren’t supposed to.

Material, construction, and additional features

This is incredibly important because different terrains call for different types of materials, construction, and additional features. If you like to hit technical terrain you will want reinforcement and additional durability features on your shoes while if you are a road runner you will want to stick with seamless construction and more lightweight designs.


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