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Ramen noodles are dirt cheap; so is mac ‘n’ cheese. They’re also low in nutrients, and even some “natural” versions are too processed for regular inclusion in a healthful diet. But organic eats are pricey, and few folks have a lot of extra cash these days.

In lean times, is it possible to eat a nutritious, organic diet? After scouring the shelves of food stores, we say yes! Organic foods can be affordable on nearly every budget. Start with these 15 great buys—nearly everything you need for a nourishing diet.

1. Eggs

With a biological value of 100—the measure of how well a protein is used by the body—eggs are a nutritious, versatile protein source. At the higher price of $4.69 to $8.99 a dozen, you’re still paying only 29 to 39 cents per egg. Cheap.

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2. Cabbage

You’ll find it somewhere in the range of $1 to $2 per pound—a screaming deal, especially when you consider the nutrition. Cabbage contains compounds that slow the growth of cancer cells and keep precancerous cells from developing; it may also help the body metabolize toxic forms of estrogen into safe forms. It’s a bargain at any price.


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