Deciding to be better during quarantine F/5’3″ now under 130lbs! :) : loseit


I haven’t seen the scale go down below 130 in over 2 years! Now that it is the end of April I finally reached that .

In college I was about 110/115 lbs & later on I found myself to be up to 145/150 lbs during grad school. The past two years I’ve been ranging low 130s. Finally trending down after binging in February. 🙂

Trying to better myself during this shelter-in-place…so far April is going well!

Changes I incorporated:

  1. Water: Drank only two types of liquids: water + coffee. I most likely drink over 8 glasses of water per day, but I don’t keep track. Just drank as much water as I could!

  2. Thirsty or hungry: If I ever was hungry, I would ask myself if I was thirsty or actually hungry. I would drink a glass of water & be ok a lot of times!

  3. Stopped eating when I was full: I tend to overeat or eat too fast. I stopped doing this during the month of April. I would slow down on how fast I ate and really focused on the flavors and textures of my meal.

  4. Intermittent Fasting: My eating window is typically from noon until 8pm everyday. Of course, some days the windows were shorter or longer.

  5. No more restaurants/bars: With shelter-in-place happening, I’m no longer indulging in foods outside (obviously) and I’ve decreased my alcohol intake! I don’t order take-out as much & cook at home.

  6. Veggies: Whenever I have a meal, I would incorporate more vegetables. If I’m having chicken + rice + veggies for dinner I will increase my vegetables for more volume and decrease my rice…which has helped me with an overall calorie deficit. Changing up spices/sauces helps a lot too.

  7. Daily Movement: I found that going on my stationary bike at home while I was watching some YouTube videos, walking around the neighborhood, or doing 10 pushups/squats throughout the day helped a lot.

  8. Small sweet treats: I will still treat myself to a small candy bar or something else, because I have a sweet tooth! The only difference now is that I don’t go overboard on it 😉

Hopefully I continue these habits to possibly reach my weight that I had in college! The key is consistency, and I’m finally seeing myself move forward to the results I’ve wanted all of these years.

TLDR; Hydration + mindful eating/cal deficit + IF + daily movement + consistency has led me to losing weight during quarantine! 🙂


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