Don’t Miss the Forest for the Trees : loseit

Don't Miss the Forest for the Trees : loseit


It is very common for those losing weight to see a gain on the scale from one day or week to the next and assume that their weight loss plan isn’t working. At this point, it’s easy to give up. Because, why bother putting in the effort if you aren’t going to get any results?

But, it is so so important to keep going and be patient. Why? Because the scale can be unreliable in the short term.

I weigh myself daily and this is the graph of my daily weigh-ins from the last three months: graph

Overall, you can see that the trend is downward, indicating weight loss. However, within the graph, you can see so many increases. For example, my weight on April 8 was higher than that on March 1. If I only weighed myself once a week or once a month, I could end up catching some of these random “high weight days” and not being able to see that I was losing: thus increasing the odds of giving up.

This is why I say “don’t miss the forest for the trees”. It’s easy to get hung up on single weigh-ins (the trees). But, these individual data points do not matter on their own. What matters in the long-term trend (the forest).

The graph I linked above is just the default one from My Fitness Pal. But, there are other apps that can help you visualize these trends like Happy Scale and Libra.

TLDR overall PSA: Don’t stress if the scale shows no loss or even a gain from day-to-day or week-to-week. It’s the month+ trend that matters!


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