Down 96.7 lbs in 5 months, hardly any progress in 3 weeks. : loseit

Down 96.7 lbs in 5 months, hardly any progress in 3 weeks. : loseit
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Yes, I know that’s a lot and I’m definitely proud of myself. But…

From 399 down to 302 today:

It’s starting to get harder…

I started my journey playing “ringfit” a game on Switch a bit like WiiFit. That’s helped me a lot to just start moving at 399 things like moving or crouching is hard. I tried to walk a bit too during that time but was exhausted after 0.5 miles with back pain.

Starting February I have started to walk about 4 miles a day 7 days a week. I went to the gym for two months in February (-22lbs), march(-25lbs) with a private trainer 1 time a week and went to the gym for 1h30 6-7 days a week. Stopped early April due to Corona..

I stopped completely eating junk, reducing my calorie intake of about 1000 per day. Stopped pasta, bread, butter, bacon or anything fried or junk food. Starting eating more vegetables and low fat, low calories substitute like Konjac pasta.

For the past 4 months, I have 2% cottage cheese and some fruit (usually berry or orange, banana) for breakfast every day and at least one salad with chicken breast stripe per day. I eat about 1300 calories max per day for the last 4 months. Calculate everything via Fitbit app.

I’m 36 H and now 302 but had almost no progress 307 on April 14th to 302 May 5th.

Is there anything I can do better? It’s hard mentally and physically to continue and losing 5 pounds in a month doing a lot discourage me. I won’t give up but maybe r/loseit can give me some tips on how to improve mentally and also physically before I lose it.

Here the breakdown per month:






Edit: Hopefully my English ain’t that bad, not my primary language.

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