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For our last podcast episode of 2015, it’s time to go on a few rants, call some ideas out, and create a little bit of controversy in our own little world of coaching. We’re going to cover bullshit.

We start off with the myth of chasing perfection. Instead of seeing perfection as the ultimate goal, shooting for perfection is a way to create fragility. It puts us in a place where we are set up for failure, and more importantly, can’t learn it. Branching off perfection, we delve into the BS of norms and how our culture is set to drag people to the middle, eliminating outliars.

Next up, we jump into training models and our favorite topic guru’s. Guru’s are those who give the perception that they have it all figured out and have all the answers. If someone gives off this vibe, run away…fast! If you think that there’s one magical training model that is best, then turn this podcast off as you’ve stopped learning and growing.

From there, we delve into the topic of coaching champions. There’s a myth that you don’t know how to coach a world-class athlete until you do it. If you haven’t coached an Olympic medalist, then the thinking goes that you can’t figure out how to coach an athlete at that level. It’s BS. Coaching people, is coaching people. Coaching someone to near their potential is incredibly difficult, and takes the same skill, regardless of where their innate talent lies.  Additionally,  while we’re calling out BS, as coaches, we overvalue our impact. And when we let our ego get in the way, and think we have the answers and are the only way that an athlete can get better, we create dependency. Dependency, in any relationship, is a plague, and ultimately will fail.

Finally, we take on one of Jon’s favorite topics: treatment. In the final rant of 2015, we go through how using treatment, such as massage, at the wrong time creates fragile athletes and dependency. It’s about the judicial and strategic use of treatment that matters, not making athletes reliant and dependent on it. Sometimes, if an athlete is just not ready, even if a workout is on the schedule, you have to walk away.

Hopefully, you enjoy our rant to end 2015, and we wish you all a happy new year, filled with less BS, and more growth and learning!

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