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I’ve worked my butt off since the beginning of the 2020 to get back on the wagon after I had an extensive Endometriosis excision surgery in April 2019. My ab muscles were essentially useless for months, I gained all the weight I’d fought so hard to knock off in 2018, and I was proud to call myself an Endo-free survivor.

The pandemic is rough, but I’ve utilized staying at home (I am fortunate enough to work from home) by working out 6x a week on HIIT/Strength [mainly FitnessBlender + Alexis Ren workouts]. I also started C25K in the last three weeks, and I try to run 5x a week [I live in a very rural area where you don’t see anyone for a 30 min run].

Working out has become my quarantine release, and I’m fighting hard to avoid binge eating or giving up just for the sake of not doing anything.

I don’t know measurements as I have “disordered eating” tendencies (not diagnosed as an eating disorder) where I would obsess over calories, often weighing myself 5x daily. This time I’ve just cut down my usual food to portioned moderation, I still allow a cheat day 1-2x a week, and I simply watch what I eat on other days. I don’t know how many lbs I’ve lost, or the inches I’ve shed, but I’m really proud of the current side-by-side comparison!

Column 1: Feb 1, 2020
Column 2: April 24, 2020



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