Feeling weak and lightheaded? : loseit

Feeling weak and lightheaded? : loseit
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M36 6’2″ SW238 CW222 GW200

TL;DR VERSION: Is it normal to feel weak and lightheaded when you’re following CICO, doing some physical training, and haven’t eaten for a while? I feel better after I eat.

LONG VERSION: I lost about 10 pounds soon after I stopped the “all McDonalds and delivery, barely leaving bed, and severe depression” diet. After that my weight was stable for several months.

Since Coronavirus hit the U.S., I found this group, CICO with a food scale (so helpful) and started exercising most days. (I was already excercising 2x per week). The past three days I’ve noticed some lightheadedneas and weakness when I haven’t eaten recently.

Is this anything to worry about or a normal part of fewer calories? I’m eating 1600 calories with 2300 TDEE. Exercise: https://imgur.com/a/kEtem98. (Gray is cardio, colors are resistance.)

Thanks for reading and any advice!

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