Finding Our COVID Silver Linings


This is hard. 

You’d think that being safer-at-home would be a breeze. You’re surrounded by your family, pets, and hobbies all of the time. There’s no where to go and no one to see. All you need to do is chill.


Instead, we’re distance learning and teleworking or, if we’re essential, figuring out childcare while we’re away. It’s nearly impossible to find a moment to yourself, because you have been in this same home for weeks with these same people who are always with you. To say nothing about the near-constant dread about getting ill or being unemployed. 

There’s a lot that is a struggle right now. But there are also odd and unexpected joys. 

For me — this is Adrienne — I’ve been loving the feeling of not having to rush all of the time. If I want to run in the late morning and do some work in my jammies before I go, I totally can. And when I get back, I don’t have to immediately do the world’s fastest shower to make it to my office. Everything will eventually happen, mind, but there’s no specific timetable. And that is lovely. 

Here’s some of the other silver linings the greater AMR Team has found.

I’ve enjoyed watching my kids come together to play, imagine, and learn in brilliant moments of cooperation and creativity. It’s given me hope that my biggest fear (I’m failing as a parent) is only a story I tell myself as I watch my children move through each day, curious and engaged. It’s given me reassurance that the small things (helping with yardwork, building a garden, walking in the woods) are more meaningful than the big things (vacations, eating out, trips to museums). —Train Like a Mother Triathlon and Heart + Sole Coach Liz

The great pause has afforded me and my family the opportunity to focus on what matters most to us; quality time together, adventuring outside (in the neighborhood only for now), and being silly. And movement. Now more than ever I appreciate the connection to so many areas of overall wellness that movement (running in particular) provides me on a daily basis. —Train Like a Mother Sports Psych Coach Justin

The Gilleys before dinner.

My college-aged kids are around now and have offered to make meals! Add in my chef-type hubby, and my responsibility for cooking dinner is now only 1 out of 4 nights. We are eating well and thankful for the time to enjoy home-cooked meals together as a family! — Melissa G., Another Mother Retreat coordinator

For me, it’s having both kids here with me and hearing/watching them connect. Whether it’s heading out for a run together, one sibling piercing the other’s ears (yes, this happened), or making goofy TikTok videos together, I am relishing the sights and sounds of my kids bonding. This was never time at home they wanted, but I am hopeful that there will be some good memories that emerge from their unexpected, extended time together.  — Train Like a Mother Traditional Programs Coach Amanda

Everybody recovering from so.many.walks.

We joke that our dogs are on the Coronavirus Fitness program; they get walked (at least) twice a day by various family members so lots of fresh air for all of us. Both Mason and Banjo give the unconditional love and snuggles we all need right now, and Banjo, the two-year-old hound, provides lots of laughter. The latest shenanigan: getting into the Easter candy. We found him with his nose in a bag of Starburst jelly beans. He looked up, disregarded us, then kept snarfing them down. —Dimity

My 15-year-old and I take a midday break from work and school nearly every day to go for a 3-mile walk/run. Not that we’re all sunshine and happy chatter–usually she just grunts at me to cross the street when we see someone approaching. And yet and yet! Taking a midday 3-mile walk/run with 15-year-old daughter. What a gift. – Tish, AMR podcast co-host

I’m going to remember this season as the season of mundane magic. In other words, I am finding so much more joy in the mundane. A long slow walk, accomplishing a clean kitchen, or time to just be out on my back porch have a new sense of magic to them. — Train Like a Mother Nutrition Coach Ellie

This is the first time in my life that I’ve tried an exercise streak. I usually take 2-3 days off a week but not now – any excuse to get out of the house! I’ve either gone for a run or hopped on the Peloton every day for a little over a month now. I’m also trying to add in strength 3-4 days a week, which has always fallen by the wayside. Woo-hoo! P.S. One thing that is not going well? Homeschooling. I am not cut out for it!  — Katie, AMR Director of Marketing

We’re sitting down as a family for dinner every night without the rush of evening activities to distract us. — Maggie, AMR Social Media Manager

Melissa (in gray sweater) and her Superhero clan.


My whole family (husband plus three high school or college age daughters) are all really into the Marvel movies. Me? Not so much. But they have taken on the project of bringing mom into the inner circle and we are watching the movies (marathon style, naturally) in the order they decide would be best for me to understand the story line. When I tossed an Ironman quote into a dinner convo their response was joyful, and I officially entered the Cool Kids club. I finally get their jokes and I kind of love having a new thing we can share.— Melissa T, Train Like a Mother Club Maven

I used to hate working out at home, but I have been able to do some killer strength training workouts with a couple of resistance bands that I snagged just before my gym closed. Not having a whole free weight room at my disposal has forced me to be creative. I may come out of this in better shape than before, despite not having access to a gym!  Also: my ten-year-old is having piano lessons via Zoom, and I absolutely LOVE being able to listen in and hear the interaction between him and his teacher. They are both having a blast, and it’s so fun to hear. — Michelle, all-purpose BAMR

Sarah’s fam loving her cooking.

I am taking this time to get stronger.  Since I have access, in my home, to bands, balls, workout equipment, I am spending more time stretching, doing Yoga and Mat Pilates, dryland strength and mobility work. Being at home more has afforded more time to spend on the little things that all add up to make me a better athlete. — Train Like a Mother Triathlon and Heart + Sole Coach Jen

My family members are expressing an unprecedented amount of gratitude toward dinners and treats I cook and bake, whether it’s a simple spaghetti dish or a carrot cake. As 18-year-old Phoebe summed up why: “Dinner is the only thing we have to look forward to these days.”  — Sarah

I am really proud of my night time self-care routine. I’ve consistently taken my vitamins, supplements, and NUUN Rest and gone to bed at a decent time most evenings! — Heather, Train Like a Mother Club Manager

Having my 19-year old youngest daughter at trapped at home has been wonderful. With no other children at home, and no access to her friends physically, I’m relishing getting to know her as a young adult.  I’m sure she loves it as much as I do. – Molly, AMR podcast co-host

I’m sure that’s true, Molly. I know I’ve been loving all of this time with my kids, one of whom will (theoretically) start college in the fall. This time has been a treasure. For me. 

So what are your COVID silver linings, BAMR?


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