Gait retraining podcast hits 10,000 listens!

Gait retraining podcast hits 10,000 listens!


At the tail end of 2019 I had the pleasure of recording a podcast with Daniel Friedman and the great team at BJSM. Chatting to Daniel over Christmas I hear it’s already had over 10,000 listens! In this 20-minute overview of gait analysis and retraining we discussed:

  • The controversy surrounding the topic
  • Who benefits from gait retraining and the rationale behind it
  • How to assess an injured runner
  • The keys to good running form
  • Our comprehensive gait retraining management plan

Listen to the podcast below or visit the BJSM page.

For more from us click here to download our comprehensive guide to return to running after injury. It covers readiness to run, determining current running levels and planning a graded return with case studies showing the principles in action. We’ve more on this guide, including a great podcast with David Pope here.


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