Going from 270lbs to 188lbs and how I changed my life

Going from 270lbs to 188lbs and how I changed my life
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Hey everyone! So I finally feel comfortable enough in my skin to post a photo and share my story of my weight loss. It began when I developed a drinking disorder at 21 and my liver exams came back extremely high (AST in the 500's ALT in the 300's). My doctor told me I needed to quit drinking asap as it was indiciative to liver damage as well as having a resting blood pressure of 160/100. Well, I didnt quit and kept drinking and never went back to the doctor. When I was 23 I had an epiphany that I would die before my parents and couldn't put them through it so I quit cold turkey. With a few slip-ups I am finally closing in on one full year sober (neat). I went down to 250 and stagnated their while using eating as a craving suppressant.

After a few months of being at 250 I was talking to some friends about losing weight and they convinced me to sign up for a spartan race and the rest is history. I follow OMAD and IF and eat around 1200-1500 calories a day and track all my food to see my macros. I run about 6 miles a day (3 fasted in the morning and 3 miles in the afternoon) and do about 90 minutes of body kinetics a day to tighten my core and arms. I posted a before and after photo below :).

https://imgur.com/gallery/ozhhXvW P.S: sorry for the duplicate post, had to change some stuff

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