Graph of my weight loss (10kg in 2 months) : loseit

Graph of my weight loss (10kg in 2 months) : loseit
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10kg (22lb)

I’ve never attempted to lose weight before, and I have also never been particularly overweight. At my highest I was about 81kg and at that point I would class myself as slightly overweight. My goal is to drop down to about 65kg before I start going to the gym to bulk back up to 80kg replacing the fat with muscle. Essentially I want to be sub 15% body fat before I start any kind of bulk. If I had to guess, I would say I started at around 23% body fat, and am currently around 17-18%. Although I could be way off, who knows. This is me currently

These results were attained simply through eating at a deficit. Initially I was eating around 1500 calories a day, however I stopped counting calories after the first month or so. For the first month I wasn’t really doing any exercise, and my TDEE was supposedly around 2100 (male, 25, 5’7). I started a rather strenuous job in the second month, and I am guessing that increased my TDEE to around 2500-2600. It has also been 35-40 degrees Celsius constantly where I live in the last month. Any large sudden increases / decreases in weight were probably due to alcohol / water weight fluctuations. I would say I’ve lost some muscle mass, although I haven’t noticed much of a strength difference (granted I don’t lift weights, so I don’t have much to go on other than my job). I certainly didn’t manage anywhere near 0.8g of protein per lb of weight. That was perhaps the most frustrating thing. How hard it is to get 120g+ of protein regularly on 1500 calories.

The diet itself has been relatively pain free. I cut out all chocolate, candy, ice cream ect. I generally only eat lunch and dinner. I also cut back on juice, and completely cut out milk. I found some low calorie snacks such as sorbet, icy poles, grapes and other fruit to make good snacks. I’ve still eaten out plenty of times. Mcdonalds, pizza, burgers, pasta ect. Just to a lesser extent.

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