HELP From 268-185- Have been in a 5 month plateau : loseit

HELP From 268-185- Have been in a 5 month plateau : loseit


Hi Guys! I’ve been on a fitness journey but I haven’t lost much weight/anything at all actually for about 5 months and I need some suggestions! (ALSO sorry, another long time lurker never poster, hope I follow the community rules ok!)

I started in February of 2018 where I started to exercise, but also learned how to cook. Unfortunately I didn’t believe calories mattered and Olive Oil became a main component in all my cooking and I called it the mediterranean diet. August of 2018 I quit my 9-5 and started backpacking throughout South America. As a money saving effort, I did OMAD in more expensive countries (Argentina, Chile) and almost always skipped the unhealthy hostel breakfasts. December of 2018 I moved to a Ski town in Colorado, and skied 2-3 times a week. I loved this, I’m honestly still not sure how I was still losing weight and eating pizza, but I wasn’t going to complain. May of 2019 I moved to an island on Lake Erie, and was working 70+ hours a week, so no exercise was in my life; because of the island where I lived was a big party island, I did OMAD and cooked for myself. I also ate only vegetarian there, because the meat was not good quality. I also was VERY strict and only ate 1000 calories a day sometimes. I eventually bumped it up to 1100-1400. But I got down to 210 that summer! September of 2019 I moved to Italy, where I learned to eat again and to enjoy food. I was hiking almost daily and if not hiking, walking, I would never take taxis. I finally got down to 190! In December of 2019 I returned to the mountains to work another Ski Season! I started practicing OMAD, and gave myself 1500 calories, and in addition, began strength training! The lowest I’ve been has been 179 since then but it’s basically constantly at 185 lbs. I’m progressing with my fitness goals – I was getting really good at strength training/lifting until the quarantine, but now with the quarantine I’ve focused on cardio – my workout now is running a 5k a day, then I do 100 pushups/situps/squats- I do this about 4 times a week on average, but I still can’t shake the 185! I”m taking in 1800-2000 calories, hoping for slower weight loss but I’m not seeing anything.

February 2018 to today May 2020


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