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Have you ever met anyone who had sharp, clear eyesight well into their older years? Why not you? Gradually losing your vision might not be inevitable.

Eyeglasses, contact lenses, and laser surgery are all tremendous technological advances, but they don’t heal the eyes and vision. In fact, the health of your eyes, like the fitness of any other part of the body, is closely associated with total-body wellness. It’s easy to treat the eyes as separate “parts,” propping them up with helpful devices. But the eyes are connected to the circulatory system, an extension of the nervous system, and are made of membrane tissue linked to the entire body.

Herbalists talk about a liver/skin/eye connection. The eyes, liver, and skin share similar nutritional requirements, and they all are prone to damage from inflammation. The holistic view is that eye disease is caused, at least in part, by oxidative damage, toxic buildup, and decreased circulation to the eyes. Remedies with antioxidant, circulation, or detoxification properties will directly or indirectly benefit the eyes.


Bilberry, a blue-black berry from Europe, is a cousin of the American blueberry.



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