How can these meal plans be equal : loseit

How can these meal plans be equal : loseit
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F 19 70kg 5’6 estimated output 1500-1600 per day due to mental illness and meds basically making me a tortoise
Struggling to lose belly fat, all other body parts look ok.

I realise some of this might be similar to other thread but i really have searched but cant find any are similar or that have answers

Ive searched hundereds of meal plans all looking like these:

But this is what my fitness tracker recorded food yesterday:
Tortilla chips: 250
Strawberries, cup: 49
White roll: 161
Ham slice: 34
Easter biscuit: 173
Mini eggs, 30g: 165
Penne pasta: 200
A raw carrot i forgot to add that day
= 998

I measured out all the portions apart from the ones that are obvious (the app lets you select the exact brand and portion if its from a packet, like the biscuit, so im confident its correct)

How can these plans have the same calories when most meal plans let you have like three pieces of meat a day with vegetables? Because when i search for calories for meat and veg its always tiny? Yet i can have normal non-hipster-fancy-named-salad foods for the same amount of calories? Im not not eating those foods to be edgy, its just they dont fill me up and i cant stomach egg/fish/avacado which seems to be all meal plan staples. Apart from a lack of protein and nutrition, should this impede weight loss?

Has anyone tried a version like mine? Should it work for weight loss?

Im only bothered about losing weight, i had a recent blood test showing that my level of vitamins, thyroid, liver function etc was fine. I dont appear to be losing weight eating like this, ive only started counting recently, but i dont see how im not if calorie output/input is all that matters.

Advice appreciated

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