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Interview with Tony Holler – Science of Running


In this weeks episode of On Coaching, we tackle how to define success (or failure) in workouts and races. Far too often we operate in a time or performance framework. We judge a workout based on whether we ran faster than was written on the paper. How we define success has a direct impact on how we run the workout or race. Because of fear of failing or fear of judgment, we will limit our risk-taking, choosing to ensure that we don’t underperform, rather than trying to perform to the best of our ability.

In this episode, we discuss how to shift your viewpoint on success and failure and the implications in doing so.

  • Judging: Is it based on internal or external parameters (4min)
  • We have an addiction to the idea of progress (5min)
  • See God Workouts: How often? (13min)
  • Numbers are a shortcut for understanding. Defaulting to an evaluation based solely on numbers limits thinking. (26min)
  • What message are you sending as a coach? (33min)
  • What is our definition of Excellence? (36min)
  • “The person who fails the most wins.”
  • The 4 types of Fear of Failure (44min)
  • Giving yourself permission to dare. (48min)
  • Rob Conner and the University of Portland XC team. How do they create a team culture (56min)

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