How Paul Scheer Lost 30 Pounds (Without a Call From Marvel)

How Paul Scheer Lost 30 Pounds (Without a Call From Marvel)
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Actor, comedian, and podcaster Paul Scheer has been cleaning up his act—at least when it comes to his health. Here’s what works for him. — as told to Marjorie Korn

Until recently, I worked out hard twice a week, did nothing else, and wondered why I didn’t look like Jason Momoa. Then, while potty training my son, I pulled a glute muscle lifting him on the toilet. It coincided with the plot for Season 2 of my show Black Monday, which has me living out and proud in Miami, running a group of roller-skating coke dealers. I needed to look good.


Now I work out almost every day. I weight train, ride a Peloton bike, rollerblade, and take different fitness classes. That, plus intermittent fasting and a mostly plant-based diet, helped me lose 30 pounds. I feel good. I have energy to play with my kids, and to play NBA 2K after they go to bed. I was forever waiting to be cast in a Marvel movie and forced to work out. Then I realized I can make myself do it.

Look the Part

I embrace all the “stuff.” It keeps it fun. I love Adidas workout clothes, Nike Metcon shoes, and my Theragun. I order heavier dumbbells as I get stronger—which is a struggle for the Amazon delivery guy.

Clear Your Head

Before kids, I meditated often. Now, if I don’t have time for a 20-minute meditation, I do five. Or I take three or four deep breaths to connect with myself. Yoga and pilates are like meditation for me—I like finding my rhythm, my pace. It’s a reminder to do what works for you. Eyes on your own paper.

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