How to Keep Your Pet’s Heart Healthy



“Pets bring a lot to the table in terms of unconditional love, which is a significant factor in heart longevity,” says board-certified cardiologist Stephen Sinatra, MD, a pioneer in nutritional healing and a big fan of animals. Dogs, cats, and horses have played important parts in his life.

“If you come home to a loving dog after a heart attack, your incidence of survival is much higher than coming home to an empty house—or even a judgmental spouse,” says Sinatra. So feeding your pets well will enhance both their health and yours.

A Personal Dog Story

“Over the years, I had dogs that died of heart failure, and it’s heartbreaking,” recalls Sinatra. “Here I am as a heart specialist—so I decided to place my dogs on COQ10 and I also gave them sardines and wild salmon, because they contain a high degree of CoQ10.” The nutrient is essential for the heart to generate energy and plays a vital role in preventing and relieving heart failure. Sinatra developed a line of products for pets called Ageless Paws (; his CoQ10 drops have 10 mg of liposomal CoQ10 per serving.


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