How You Lose Body Fat : loseit

How You Lose Body Fat : loseit


I saw this image today – How You Lose Body Fat – and it really resonated with me. I admit that I have become increasingly more impatient and frustrated while I am tracking CICO, since there are no immediate changes that I can see even though I’m in a calorie deficit. Fat is stubborn just like me. Stubbornness is similar to perseverance, which is a trait needed for success.

From the article:

And just because the numbers on the scale aren’t changing, doesn’t mean you aren’t losing weight. Your fat cells are pretty stubborn – they tend to try and hang around for survival purposes, and to provide you a valuable source of energy. As you lose fat, you might gain water weight. Fat cells will fill with water to maintain their shape and in the hopes of acquiring fat to fill it again. But if you continue to cut calories and lose fat, they eventually give up and shrink. Losing weight takes a lot of patience. The scale will go up and down, but a consistent calorie deficit over time will lead to weight loss.

We are all on our own journey. Even the cells that make up my body have their own journey. Perhaps, this is a time to practice compassion – to not only to myself, but also to these little fat cells. It’s hard to be patient when my attitude is merely thinking of myself, that I certainly don’t need the extra fat cells. Though, these fat cells don’t realize there are too many of them; they are simply doing their best to survive to give me the energy I need to survive, which I appreciate.

Weight loss has heavily consumed my thoughts recently. Dealing with stubborn fat is exhausting and frustrating, and I simply do not want to think about my it so much anymore. This image reminded me that there is only so much I can control. So, I dedicated the extra time needed to revise my CICO spreadsheet, reviewing and updating everything, after researching a bit more to further my understanding on how to achieve my weight loss goals. This plan and how I execute it is what I can control. If I don’t succeed, it will be because I did not follow the plan or there is something out of my control intervening (example: unknown underlying health issue). If I am disciplined and diligent, I am confident that I will succeed since I’m prepared with a sound strategy and a more accepting, patient mindset.

Cheers to shrinking fat cells!


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