I changed my diet for one year

I changed my diet for one year


Hey everyone, it’s been about a year now that I decided to make one very simple change to my diet and the results have been quite astounding.

I’m a tallish guy – 6’1 or so – and I always carried body weight well. I have a long body so I never realised just how much weight I’d put on until I saw a picture of myself taken at a friends wedding. I have included that picture as my before picture because I didn’t make a conscious decision to take a before picture when I started this journey.


I knew when I saw that picture that I had to change, like it really did shock me to see myself like that – so I made one change that ultimately changed my life and the way I see myself. I stopped drinking carbonated drinks – firstly cold turkey then as time has gone by I allow myself a treat with one if I’m out etc. It may not seem like much, infact I barely noticed after I’ve kicked the sugar withdrawal symptoms, and within a year I’d lost 90lbs or so. This is me now.


I’m about to hit 33 and I look and feel younger than I have done in over a decade. I’ve not been this slim since my late teens (not that I was fat then, I did used to work out at point in my life) and everything from my hair to my skin feels and looks a lot better.

For those of you who might be struggling with your journey, consider cutting out all forms of carbonated drinks for a while, including the diet sugar-free stuff.

Edit: I went from a 38″ waistline to a 30″, a British XL in t-shirts to a M. Unfortunately my head has remained the same size haha.


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