I finally found a type of exercise I ACTUALLY enjoy. : loseit


I have always detested exercise. Even when I was fit, it was a chore to check off my daily to do list as quick as I could. I never felt good afterward and it always made me a little grumpy because it was just unenjoyable for me.

But today that changed.

I don’t know why didn’t think of this before, but I used to take dance when I was teenager. I tried this video:


And holy crap! I wanted to quit halfway through, then I almost quit with 10 minutes left, but I completed it-and I feel AMAZING. It was so much fun, kicked my butt and for the first time in my life I think I get why people like exercise. It just feels good, when you find the right one.

If you’re like me, try this. There’s all different types of dance workouts you can find if you don’t want to do this one specifically. I am looking forward to to my next workout tomorrow.


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