I lost 100 lbs (SV) [34/m SW:327 CW:227 GW:190]

I lost 100 lbs (SV) [34/m SW:327 CW:227 GW:190]
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I don't really keep too active here but do occasionally post comments or look at how others are progression, but I hit a milestone today so that's probably worth sharing. I started on January 1 2019 and am 496 days in. I still have more to go, but one thing I've learned is that this whole process is much easier physically than it is mentally. Log foods, keep track of calories. It's tough in the beginning but a month or two or three in it becomes habit. But mentally, I can look at the scale, I look at notches on my belt, or try on old clothes, and they are looser, yeah, but it still doesn't feel like much has changed. I still look at myself in the mirror and see the same person. I'm hoping that once I hit my goal weight, I can look in the mirror and see the same awesomeness I see when I look at others progress pics and the dramatic change they've made. It feels like I've still yet to see it in myself.

100 lbs lost!

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