I lost 31 lbs in about 7 weeks : loseit

I lost 31 lbs in about 7 weeks : loseit
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Hi all,

First I would like to apologize for my poor english as it’s not my native language.

So to give you a little context, I’m a 31 year old woman, I’ve been overweight since I was a young teen. I have been going up the scale until I finally reach my highest weight at 258lbs… That was a big (!) wake up call for me. I’m also fairly small, 5’2”, so that gives me a BMI of 47.2. I’m morbidly obese. To have normal weight I would need to weight a maximum of 135lbs. I have two young children and I want to see them grow, and be able to do so much more with them.

I signed up in a gym that is located near my job, I go there 3 days a week and try to walk with my dog every other day. I also completely stopped eating junk food (I was eating A LOT of chips and cheese, especially in my car when going to work) and reduced the amount of carbs overall. I don’t really do CICO, but I still keep in mind that I need to burn more calories than I eat. I have done tons of diet in my life, and always failed. But this time will be different, I’ve never been this far !

Now it’s been a little less than 7 weeks since I started, and I’ve already lost 31 pounds ! I’m so happy, and I feel so much better already. I know I still have a long journey ahead of me, and that the lost won’t always be this quick, but still. People around me are beginning to notice changes and ask me if I’ve lost some weight. I also use a fitbit watch, and my resting hearth rate has dropped form 85 bpm to 60 bpm ! I’m doing all this mainly for health reasons, so I’m really happy to see these changes.

I’m not sure how to post a progress pic, so here’s a link, hopping it will work. https://i25.servimg.com/u/f25/11/83/55/91/7d447410.jpg

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