I think I’m done. : loseit

I think I'm done. : loseit


First one is my starting weight, the last three are today (sorry about the dirty mirror).

I started my weight loss journey weighing in at 312 pounds (the heaviest I’ve ever weighed), and hads finally said that enough was enough. I spent months and months of dieting, exercising religiously (a combination of free weights, machines, and a liberal amount of cardio using both the treadmill and running around the neighborhood), and have finally got down to 185 pounds. My original goal was 180 (since I used to weigh around 180-190 back in the day), however now at 185 I feel like this is as good a place as any. I have what I thought was still a small gut that I wanted to get rid of first, but now I’m thinking that it’s just loose skin, as I never used to have that “gut” when I was this weight originally, all those years ago. So, I think I’m going to switch to maintenance for a while, at least unless I feel like I want to go ahead and lose a few extra pounds down the line, or if I want to start to bulk up a bit. I think 185 pounds for 5’11” is decent, don’t you? Certainly better than 312.


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