I’m a Sexy Meat Potato! : loseit

I'm a Sexy Meat Potato! : loseit


So, it’s been a while….

I was, what some people might call a “Sexy Meat Potato”. Now I don’t know any of those people, but I’m sure that they’re out there and that’s what they would have called me back in the beginning of my weight loss/healthy life adventure. That beginning can be found here.

So, I started this journey at Viking king status. As in I finished all my battles and the need to be a sexy pillaging warrior was no longer needed. I sat on my fat throne made of Italian (sure, why not) subs and other various 4000 calorie meals and struggled to breath/exist. Slowly I marched onward back into Norse God physique. I counted calories and I did well. I went from 303 to 257 and then I got lazy. I was close to my original goal of 245 and figured I didn’t need to count any more. That’s when the weight came back on. I saw 285.

Many moons later during a wellness month at my place of work they brought in a nutritionist and she talked about types of foods to eat and how certain things affected the body. I was interested and muttered to myself, “I can lie to myself and my friends, but maybe I can’t lie to the professionals.”

I found out that with my company’s insurance package (United Health) if your ass is considered overweight/obese on the BMI scale, the nutritionist visits are fully covered. Jack pot insurance ladies, I’m fat and this is now free! I started going, once a month. And that was and still is enough to keep me honest, to keep counting the calories, to keep making healthy life choices. It was like a switch was flipped in my brain and it was go time!

For over a year now I’ve been going to the nutritionist and have been shedding the pounds and eating better than I ever have. I feel great! I look great. Well, to me I look great, but that’s all I really wanted. I wanted to look in the mirror and go, “I’d fuck me”, but with less Buffalo Bill vibes. My goals were 245, then 240, 235, and finally 225. I don’t have a number goal now. I just want to be happy, healthy and feel proud of myself. And I do!

Here’s the Journey!

Here’s the before!

Here’s the now!

Starting Weight: 303

Goal Weight: 245, 240, 235, 225

Current Weight: 221


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