In case you think you’re too old, or too fat… today marks -300 pounds for me. After being 500 pounds my entire adult life, I’m now 215. : loseit


I know it can seem impossible. I know what it’s like to feel forgotten.

Too ugly to leave the house. Too unhappy to move.

You think you’re too old. You think you can’t do it.

I spent my entire life with those thoughts. I hit 515 by age 23 and never looked back. Then one day, at age 39, I woke up and had had enough.

No surgery. No drugs. 1500 calories a day, IF, Keto. It’s the cheat code. You can do this.

It took me just 1 year to lose the bulk of it. I’ve yo-yo’d the last year with 30 pounds on an off and I hate it, so I made this post just as I hit 215 AGAIN for the 2nd time. Because I’ll never be fat again. Ever.

Join me.


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