In the 150s! Feat. Small Rant and PICS : loseit

In the 150s! Feat. Small Rant and PICS : loseit
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Alright, we’re officially in the 150s. 158 and 35 lbs down to be exact! The home stretch to my first goal!

CICO is basically second nature at this point; basically nothing goes into my mouth without being logged. I’m actually looking forward to my morning workouts, not dreading the very idea, and I’ve become well known as the aide that will run to the front desk to grab things for our unit and jogs down my hall just to save time. My clothes are falling off…. EVEN THE ONES THAT FIT WHEN I WAS AT THIS WEIGHT BEFORE! That’s a pretty good sign that this time around I’m a whole lot more fit than before. All my hard work is paying off 🙂

My only rant is that I was actually taken aside by an admin at work yesterday and told that a few coworkers had mentioned that I seemed to be getting “really really thin” very quickly and asked her to make sure I was alright…. Girl, I am 5’3″ and still just under 160 lbs. Not exactly wasting away, innit? Anyway, I assured her that I’m fine, just taking more of an interest in my health.

I thought I’d add my first progress pic as a bonus! I took the “during” picture when I’d first hit 30 lbs down, so I’m already about 5 lbs smaller 🙂 but here’s a visual of a starting weight of 193 down to 163 at 5’3″

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