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Everything You Need to Know About the 5k – Science of Running


This is a MUST listen episode. In this weeks On Coaching with Magness & Marcus, we bring in NAU coach Mike Smith to talk about team culture and training. In this wide ranging and deep episode, we dive into a number of topics. Starting with how Mike took over a team that was the defending national champion to what mistakes in training we all make as a coach. There are so many worthwhile explorations in this conversation, including:

  • The reason Mike took his team to play Laser Tag the night before the biggest regular season meet of the year.
  • The idea of balancing tension and energy.
  • Why a coach should be the passenger in the car, whsipering directions, instead of the driver.
  • How elaborate racing plans set us up for failure.
  • The best way to get in a flow state during racing.
  • How expectations impact our training and racing.
  • The most crucial part of team culture is a sense of belonging and having a role.

Mike’s list of books coaches should read:

Above all, this conversation with Jon and Mike made me a better coach. Their are priceless nuggets of information sprinkled throughout the 90 minute conversation.

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Other Resources Mentioned:

The Science of Running Book

Study on Academic Stress being related to Injuries in Football players

Peak Performance and “just manageable challenges”

Kenny Moore’s Best Efforts

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