It will never be the “right time” to lose weight : loseit

It will never be the "right time" to lose weight : loseit


I absolutely love this message. It resonates with me so much because 2019 was the year I stopped making excuses for myself. I was a college senior for the first half of the year and a grad student with a part-time job for the second half of the year. My go-to excuse had always been “I’m in college so I don’t have time to lose weight because things are too stressful right now”.

But once I hit my highest weight (175/180lbs) in February, I decided I needed to stop gaining and get all the college weight off. Lost 45lbs last year so I lost the college weight and then some! I realized that it would never be the “right time” because there will always be something going on in life – so that can’t be your excuse. I chose to make my health and happiness a priority last year and I’m carrying the same energy into this entire decade. Second half of the year I didn’t even exercise, all the weight came off by sticking to 1200 calories a day and eating minimal carbs. So even if I don’t have time to work out, I know I have time to meal prep some healthy food. It wasn’t even expensive either since I bought frozen vegetables, meat and eggs at Walmart. I hope everyone here makes health a priority this year, whether or not it’s the right time.


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