It’s been almost 10 years since I lost the weight and kept it off. I know statistically this shouldn’t have happened. : loseit

It's been almost 10 years since I lost the weight and kept it off. I know statistically this shouldn't have happened. : loseit


Let’s start this off with pictures and a small introduction. Hi, I’m a divorced working mom of two from Chile. I’m 160 cm tall. I got married when I was 20 and 70 kg. I got to 52 kg in February 2011 when I was 22. I am currently 32 and 50 kg. Here you can find my first, a selfie from today wearing jeans, and a before and after I took in 2016:

I initially lost weight following a strict diet a nutriologist gave me, because I had insulin resistance. I dropped the weight, almost 20 kg in total in about 5 months. It was a standard low calorie diet with pretty balanced meals. Before that I had struggled with disordered binge eating, which I treated with therapy. I added weight training throughout the years which was really fun but I haven’t been consistent to be honest.

I have never tracked calories and portion control became my most helpful habit. I now don’t follow any diet or meal plan, but I do eat only home cooked meals, I eat out maybe once every two months. I eat only until I feel satisfied, I never let myself get too full. I try to cook very delicious meals but I’m very careful with portions. Regarding medications, I’m on antidepressants and contraceptives, which I don’t find have affected my weight that much. I do weigh myself regularly, several times a week.

I know the statistics say it’s very unlikely to have these kind of results in the long term, like I have. I don’t know what’s different about what I’ve done and I don’t feel specially accomplished. I know navigating the world as a thin person, especially a thin woman is much easier, socially. Clothes are easier to find and people treat you better, but it’s a sad reality to see. My insulin resistance is gone, which is great. I don’t think weight loss is a magic cure all for all of ones issues in life but I believe in body autonomy and if anyone is in this path to change their body for whatever reason, I hope this post can be of help, even anecdotally.

Stay safe everyone in these hard times ❤️


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