It’s my slimmer-versary today! Here’s my best tips 2 years and 9 stone (57kg) later 💚 : loseit

It's my slimmer-versary today! Here's my best tips 2 years and 9 stone (57kg) later 💚 : loseit


Oblig pic to kick off:

I think I was even bigger when I first started! I weighed in at 300.5 lbs. I’d tried an failed multiple times throughout the years (slim fast, keto etc) and thought I’ll pop down the local group, do the plan, and if I don’t lose weight, it’s THEIR fault! ….thankfully I lost the weight 😂

Top tips!

• Every day you’re gonna get hungry, every day you’re gonna eat until you’re satisfied – how many calories you do doing that determines if you gain, lose or maintain weight.

• The aim is to create a roster of meals you can have day-in, day-out so you can go on autopilot and all this gets a lot easier!

• Make meals yourself, so u know exactly what’s in ’em. Companies don’t care if you lose weight, just that it tastes good so you buy it again. Low fat could mean high sugar, low sugar but high fat etc.

• Use 1-calorie oil spray, now frying is healthy!

• Quark is a Godsend – I use this fat-free cottage cheese as a whipped cream substitute.

• It’s easier to pass the treats aisle once in the supermarket than every time you’re in the kitchen

• Aim for ½ of your plate to be vegetables

• Water tax! Drink 2+ litres every day — drink a pint when you get up – you’re dehydrated. Pint while making meals. Taking a shower? Bring a nice cool pint with u! Bodies are dumb and can mistake thirst for hunger. A pint of water separates the two!

• Exercise is great for clearing the head but crap at burning calories, so lose weight by what you eat – you can’t out-run your fork. It’s SO AMAZING and freeing to find out you can lose weight and still be lazy!

• You can stuff yourself and lose weight, ya just gotta be picky! 💚

• You are your body, but you’re not. You’re the brain, you tell your body what it’s having and it’ll get in board. Making good choices begats more good choices, eat healthy and you’ll start to crave healthy things, because you’re enjoying the nutrients!

Not at my target yet, but I’m now under 175 🙂 thinking of Slimming World as a health overhaul and weight loss as a consequence really helped. It’s not magic, just an ingenious plan – emphasis on whole foods, fruit & veg and cutting back on bread & treats, but still allowing for them every day. It might not work for you (I see a ton of Keto, IF and other things here) but it’s what works for me. The IRL group setting really helps with accountability.

Whether you believe you can, or you can’t, you’re right 💚 Thanks for reading. Kick some butt this week! 🤗


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