I’ve lost my muffin top, and I’m beating PCOS! : loseit

I've lost my muffin top, and I'm beating PCOS! : loseit
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I (20F) honestly never ever thought this would happen. I thought I would be destined to be ‘that chubby friend’ and that I’d just have to suck it up and rely on my humour to get me through conversations. I thought I was supposed to be overweight, that there was no diet or exercise plan that would ever work for me because surely I wasn’t meant to be fit.

But ever since quarantine began, I have been working out for about twenty to thirty minutes every day. That’s it. I began with the intention of losing weight, because I was 57 kilograms (125.6 lbs) (161 cm tall). In addition to this, I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which makes it very difficult to lose weight. At the time of my first day of working out, I hadn’t had a period in about a year and a half. My parents tried buying expensive herbal medicine for me in order to induce one, but it didn’t have any lasting effect. I was devastated (and would often cry myself to sleep) because having kids is a massive goal for me, I’ve always wanted a large family, and I felt like the one thing I wanted so bad was being taken away from me. At the time of my diagnosis I was 62 kilograms (136.7 lbs).

The day I started to work out was the 5th of March. Today, the 20th of May, two and a half months later, I weigh (give or take) 53.7 kilograms (118.4 lbs). I’ve lost 3.2 kilograms (7 lbs)! That is crazy to me! I haven’t weighed this amount since I was a kid. And I’ve had two consecutive periods, which hasn’t happened since I was about fourteen years old.

Today I went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. The last time I did this, maybe a week or two ago, there was definitely a muffin top visible. But today, my hips were smooth, and they didn’t bulge out over the top of my pants like they normally would. I then realised that, for the first time in years, I no longer have a muffin top!

It feels so so SO good. I always hated being an hourglass body type but now I’m starting to understand the appeal! I thought hourglass = fat (because that’s how my body looks/looked) but now I realise that that is not the case at all. It’s hard to describe how good it feels.

My best friend once called me fat last year and I haven’t forgotten it. I played it off like I thought it was funny but it really hurt inside. His words run through my head every time I exercise. I was teased by my best friends in high school for being fat. One time they pushed me so that I was bending over, then touched my back and laughed because they couldn’t feel my spine. I was humiliated. It’s been my dream for a long time now to ‘glow up’ and come back after a long period of time looking completely different. Then coronavirus hit and I took the opportunity and ran with it (literally and figuratively!). None of my friends know what I look like now as they haven’t seen me in person since early March, though a few know I’ve been working out. I haven’t hyped it up though because I want the effect to be big when we finally all see each other again. Glow up, here I come.

If anyone is curious as to what workout I do every day, I’ve written it in previous posts but I change it often so here is the latest version:

Or alternatively

So so happy and glad that I’m becoming healthier. I feel so happy, it’s pretty indescribable. It feels like I’m already living the life I dreamed of living – having a body I love. And its effects on PCOS are a bonus too. Let’s do this!

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