Keeping myself motivated! 32 lbs down : loseit

Keeping myself motivated! 32 lbs down : loseit
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SW: 200 lbs CW: 168 lbs 5’10” 21F. Weight loss has been a slow journey for me, especially lately. My weight hasn’t gone down much in the past few months. I think a bit of that has to do with a gain in muscle while still losing some fat. I’ve finally been able to consistently exercise for a few months, at least 5x a week. Surprisingly graduate school from home due to isolation has actually made it easier for me to workout and get creative with my workouts! But I’ve still found myself frustrated lately and feeling like I haven’t come very far.

My best friend and I went out for her birthday and took this picture a month ago. She commented on how different I look the other day, so I looked through old photos. I was amazed by a picture that was taken almost exactly a year before this one! Even though it may not always feel like it, I have completely transformed mentally and physically this past year. Pictures help me a lot to recognize how far I’ve come.

I’m posting this to keep myself motivated, and hopefully motivate someone else during this weird time!

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