Leanbean Review: The Top Fat Burner for Women

Leanbean Review: The Top Fat Burner for Women


This supplement is termed as natural due to its twelve natural ingredients that are carefully selected to cater for your weight loss needs.  Leanbean is here to solve your weight gain problems as a woman embarking on a healthy lifestyle and also longing for a longer life.

Previously its manufacturers made this supplement to cater for weight loss among models and strong athletes, although it is currently available for every woman.

LeanBean supplement is brought to you by Ultimate Life Limited, UK. In this LeanBean review, you are to discover how body can burn fat like never before.

What are the product ingredients?

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This Leanbean supplement comprises of twelve effective fat burner ingredients as seen below;

Garcinia Cambogia

 It is a tropical fruit that is responsible for restraining fat producing enzymes in your body. This ingredient boosts your body’s ability to make setatonin which eventually helps in minimizing appetite and reducing your cravings.


This is an ingredient found in the LeanBean supplement that rises your body temperature resulting in to increased metabolism. It also comprises of an antioxidant called curcumin that helps in reducing your rate of metabolic inflammation that is associated with obesity.

Acai Berry

Acai berry is rich in fiber and essential fatty acids that enable your body to burn fat faster. Also, this ingredient assists in cravings reduction and optimizes digestion while boosting your levels of energy.

Green coffee

This unroasted coffee is rich in antioxidants and chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid assists in reducing the amount of fat kept in the liver. Additionally, this acid lowers your blood sugar levels and prevents insulin spikes.

Konjac Fiber

Glucomannan is the exceptional fiber derived from konjac roots. It absorbs water and expands in the stomach giving you the feeling of being satisfied with less need of eating. This helps a lot in expelling the excess fat in your body.

Other ingredients

  • Green tea extract
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Piperine
  • Raspberry ketones
  • Chromium picolinate
  • Vitamin B6 and B12

Our thoughts on the LeanBean formula

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The LeanBean supplement is a game changer in the world of health and diets that is specifically designed for all adult females. When its powerful ingredients are followed by good dieting habits, your body will be prompted to lose weight.

Leanbean is a genuine supplement whose formular focuses mainly on reducing your appetite and burning fats.

In case you are tired of gaining more weight despite doing vigorous exercises and eating strict diets, it is advisable that you also focus more on using  LeanBean to help you achieve your weight loss objectives effectively.

Is this LeanBean safe to use?

It is a good idea to use LeanBean in case you are looking for a safe fat burning product that can be coupled with a healthy life routine to provide satisfactory results.

LeanBean has a collection of natural boosters and energizing ingredients that assist your body in fat burning and hunger reduction.

This supplement can empower you more to lose weight with much ease. Many users experienced good results with this supplement. It is a must-have for you since its caffeine quantities are low to assist you in overcoming the jitters.

How LeanBean works?

LeanBean was developed on the fact that women are more subjected to cravings and emotional eating. Women’s bodies store more fat as compared to men’s bodies. This supplement was made to help your body in the following ways;

Fight sugar cravings

This supplement is rich in ingredients that assist your body in minimizing sugar cravings. Ingredients meant to reduce your sugar cravings include, glucomannan, cayenne pepper, garcinia cambogia, and raspberry ketones.

Raising your body metabolism

A low level of metabolism implies that your body is burning fewer calories while the remaining calories are stored as fat. LeanBean has ingredients including cayenne pepper and turmeric to safely increase your body’s metabolic rate. Chromium picolinate is essential here as it assists your body to maintain its normal blood glucose.

Ensuring a healthy body balance

Accumulation of toxins and poor eating habits can trigger imbalances in your body. Such imbalances are responsible for bloating and increase of fat in the human body. LeanBean solves the body imbalance with green tea and Vitamin B, that enables the body to recover more and get energized.

What are the benefits of LeanBean?

It is easy for you to discover the benefits of LeanBean even without reading any previous customer reviews since LeanBean is made of ingredients that effectively reduce your appetite, easing the process of natural fat loss.

This supplement is rich in natural energizers and is also vegan friendly.

LeanBean is a good solution for female athletes who need to reduce weight while working out.

LeanBean is a complete formular of 12 safe ingredients which work together to help your body lose fat. LeanBean is beneficial to you as a woman.

What are the LeanBean reviews and complaints?

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People say a lot about this product and the reviews are mainly positive as compared to the negative reviews. Well established websites such as The Sports Review award LeanBean with a five star rating. The following are some of the online reviews from the product’s main website and Amazon.com;

Positive reviews from the several websites.


“I have never regarded of myself as obese but as I’ve gotten a bit older, I’ve definitely found it hectic to shift the excess flab. I hadn’t really regarded fat burners as serious before trying LeanBean. Just a week in and I quickly started to realize that I was more energetic during training sessions.”


“I just had two children so my tummy was the part I always found hardest to flatten. I have been using this burner for the previous 21days. I have started noticing more definition in my stomach and my full body in general and I’m so glad to see myself all like young again.”


“I got this precious supplement to review for free. What excited me about this product is that I actually feel like I’m taking something that’s healthy and am confident that it is going to give me a lot more energy than having to bare drinking 8 cups of coffee. I’ve seen results and am enjoying it.”

The negative review


They tell you to take it for 90 days, and if you don’t get results, they will refund you. However, after reaching out at the 100 day mark to ask for my refund, as this product is so horrible, they said I had to provide them with a 7 days of workout routine and food intake, send all bottles back (including the one I received for free as an offer) before I qualify. So, I had opened the 4th bottle and started taking it as usual when I realized it was useless of me to continue to take something that was not working. Looks like they won’t refund me. Damn you, Leanbean.”

Where to buy LeanBean and how much does it cost?

You are always advised to purchase LeanBean from the official website, leanbeanoffical.com unless you find the product listed in other nearby stores. Getting this supplement from the official website lets you enjoy a money back guarantee, price discounts, safe discounts, and original products.

  • A thirty day supply of LeanBean bottles costs $59.
  • A sixty day supply of LeanBean supplements will cost you $118.

Does LeanBean cause any side effects?

LeanBean supplement is a natural fat burner that has no known adverse side effects. It is made in a facility that is approved by the FDA in the United States of America. A section of online users reported to experience a queasy stomach after consuming four capsules per day for the initial few days. Some of the ingredients in this supplement contain stimulants.

However potential consumers of this supplement are advised to seek medical attention before taking it.

How to take LeanBean for the best results?

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A bottle of LeanBean contains 120 capsules equivalent for a thirty day supply. For effective results, a capsule should be consumed four times daily. The periods recommended are before breakfast and lunch, in the afternoon, and before dinner. LeanBean’s dose is spread throughout the day to maximize its effectiveness and efficiency.

Who should use and who shouldn’t use LeanBean?

LeanBean is specifically designed to be used by women for fat burning purposes. However, women who are allergic to stimulants and those advised by doctors to stop using LeanBean should not attempt to use it.

Pros & cons


  • Comprises of natural
  • Contains ingredients that are effective in burning body fats.
  • Ideal for vegans.
  • Made for women.
  • Gives you a 90 day money back guarantee.
  • Have no adverse side effects.


  • The product is costly for some people.
  • You can only buy this supplement online.
  • Some women find it difficult to endure taking four tablets per day.

Final verdict

LeanBean is a unique supplement that is carefully manufactured to give women effective results in reducing appetites and minimize constant cravings that result in weight gain. This LeanBean review has given you details about this supplement that you need to acknowledge now.


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