Lewis Kent’s 5 Tips for Running and Drinking Fast

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Brooks Ambassador Lewis Kent knows a thing or two about running and drinking fast. In 2015, Lewis became the beer mile world champion and broke the world record in late 2015 with a time of 4 minutes, 47 seconds. In that same year, he also became our first and only sponsored beer miler.


Now, Lewis has a few tips to share for anyone looking to run a fun and fast drinking mile. A drinking mile is a track or road race in which you chug a drink, run a quarter mile, chug another drink, run another quarter mile, chug, run, chug, run: four drinks, four laps, no vomiting allowed.


Lewis ran the beer mile, but you can run any sort of drinking mile- soda, sports drinks, milk or even eggnog for a festive celebration for the holidays.


Here are Lewis’ five tips for running and chugging.


1. Find the right angle for you


Depending on what you’re consuming and what the container/bottle/can is shaped like, you will want to find the proper angle. You want an angle that allows the fluid to flow at the fastest pace that you can handle. However, remember not to spill it all over your face or you will be disqualified!


2. Burp early and often


Your stomach isn’t used to having so much liquid in such a short period of time, so remember to burp early and often to relieve some of the pressure! I recommend focusing solely on burping for the first 100 meters of each lap, then focus on picking up the pace.


3. Pace yourself


Start at a reasonable pace and get faster with each lap. Too many times people start out at a near-sprint pace, and by the third lap they are so out of breath that they can’t chug without taking a lot of breaks. It’s much easier to take it easy early on, get the drinks down smoothly, and if you’re feeling great you can sprint home on your final lap!


4. Late in the race, don’t trust the burp


This may sound contradictory to the second tip, but once you start to feel like you may have what I like to call a “reversal of fortune,” don’t trust the burp. If anything comes back up, you will have to do the dreaded penalty lap!


5. Focus on the chug zone


The race is won or lost in the chug zone, not the running in between. Rarely is a drinking mile won by the fastest runner, and almost always by the fastest chugger. Put the time in to practice your chugs before getting on the start line and remember, you can walk forward while you chug as long as you don’t cross the finish line!


Find these and more tips in Lewis’ new book A World Champion’s Guide to Running the Beer Mile. Part memoir, part how-to manual, the book is for all runners who love to run, enjoy a drink, and like the idea of a challenge. Lewis’ book launches on July 2 and will be available here.


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