Life after massive weight loss (-150lbs).. Reevaluating goals and “remotivation.” : loseit

Life after massive weight loss (-150lbs).. Reevaluating goals and "remotivation." : loseit


Obligatory before and after

In July of 2017, I discovered r/loseit and with the help of this community, I was able to go from a morbidly obese 345lbs down to 193lbs in just under a year and a half. With the holidays coming up, I decided to increase my calorie intake and eat at maintenance for a month. That month turned into a year and I fluctuated between 195 and 215 for the next 14 months. I was upset with myself, struggling to get back on my diet/healthy lifestyle and could not break the 200lbs mark once again.

It wasnt until the last few weeks where I reevaluated my position. Yes, I haven’t lost any significant weight since Dec ’18; however, without realizing it, I have been maintaining my massive weight loss for over a year. By changing my perspective, I quickly became motivated once again as I proved that I can keep this weight off. I took an hour, sat down, and started writing down the improvements to my life that I have observed over this past year.

No more sleep apnea

No more back pain

No loss of energy from simply walking up a flight of stairs

Dating is a lot easier

Clothes shopping is a lot more fun

I feel healthy, happy

With this list in mind, I thought to myself “What will this list look like after losing another 20 lbs and maintaining THAT for a year?” There are still many things that those final 20lbs will add to my list!

I have been working on returning mentally to the place I was at the start of my weight loss journey in the hopes of hitting my goal weight of 180lbs. Last week, I joined a new gym and have focused on a more nutritionally balanced CICO diet. With this renewed mindset and motivation, I am using my previous goals and the success of this subreddit as my foundation for my future weight loss.

Whether you’ve lost 15lbs or 150lbs, it is important to recognize your accomplishments and use them as valuable pieces of motivation for future goals. If you did it in the past, you KNOW you can continue doing it and apply the exact same mindset to future goals. You know you have the capability to accomplish weight loss, so keep it up!


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