Live Podcast Event from the New York City Marathon

Live Podcast Event from the New York City Marathon


In this bonus podcast episode you will hear the replay from our live event at the New York City Marathon. Angie spoke on a panel with fellow podcasters Tina Muir, Carrie Tollefson, and Emily Abbate about their marathon stories -the ups and downs of training.

Big thanks to all the listeners who attended and special thanks to Generation Ucan for organizing it. Enjoy!

Carrie Tollefson, Tina Muir, Angie Spencer, Emily Abbate

Carrie Tollefson is a middle distance runner who represented the United States in the 2004 Olympics, a T.V. commentator, and host of the CTolle Run Podcast.

Tina Muir is a 2:36 marathoner who ran for Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the World Half Marathon Championships and host of the Running For Real Podcast.

Angie Spencer is a register nurse, running coach, and veteran of 61 marathons and ultras. She is co-host of the Marathon Training Academy Podcast (but you already knew that).

Emily Abbate is a NYC based freelance writer, fitness editor at SELF Magazine, certified personal trainer, and host of the Hurdle Podcast.

Generation Ucan is a nutrition and fueling company founded in 2010. Their SuperStarch® gives runners long lasting energy without spikes and crashes. Use the code MTANYC to save 15% on your order. New customers can use the code MTA25 for 25% off.

MTA Shakeout Run in Central Park

We also had the chance to meet up with listeners on Saturday (the day before the marathon) for a shakeout run in Central Park. We always love meeting new friends and connecting with listeners to the podcast! Three coaches from our team ran the marathon and were able to join us for the meet up.

MTA Coaches: Kristen, Dominique, Steven, Angie

About Trevor Spencer

Trevor Spencer is the producer of the Marathon Training Academy Podcast. He loves to inspire people to take action in their fitness and life.


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