Log your food : loseit

Log your food : loseit
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May 15th marks 1 year of food logging for me. I have not missed a single day. Along with my exercise plan my food log kept me honest. I started out 6’6″ at 427.3 pounds, and with my food log, I was able to accurately adjust what kinds of food I was eating, and start macro counting, doubled up with intermittent fasting, and put it all on the line working out 3 days a week and doing something to get my heart rate up the other days. But none of it would have mattered if I didn’t have the core basics. It is so easy to develop the habit, you just have to start. No joke, my first logged food was McDonalds Sausage biscuits. So, if you do anything…. anything at all. LOG YOUR FOOD. All of it.

I use the “LoseIt” app. It just works better for me. MFP or other trackers may work better for you.

I posted this update around new years, I was very proud of my achievements but I had no clue what changes were inbound… https://www.reddit.com/r/loseit/comments/ei7uxk/year_in_review_nsfw_big_boy_moobs/

I have maintained my loss. I weigh under 210lbs and I am still changing drastically.

I personally think I look like a different and happier person.

My SHOES are too big.

Think about that. I was so fat, that I legit can say “these are my fat shoes” I’m disgusted and impressed.

Log your food. Just do it.

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