Looking for some help to wade through the ocean of advise :-)! : loseit

Looking for some help to wade through the ocean of advise :-)! : loseit
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Hi there, thank you for taking the time to read through my rambles :-)! Basically, I need some experienced folk to help navigate me through the insane amount of information available on the internet… I’m trying to be as detailed as possible with the description of myself and my changed behavior which might be useful in some way, but absolutely feel free to just answer the questions without wading through the text, y’all have busy lives :-)!

  • Running: Is it “safe” for me to start running? I primarily want to cut down on the time spent on “long walks” and start running instead, which seems more productive (I also secretly want to run 5k at some point, just seems like an amazing milestone). However, I read that my current weight (130k/300lbs) poses a risk to my joints. I did however play soccer for 15 years, quit 7 years ago, does that change things? Can I slowly build up the running (e.g. walk 1, run 1, walk 1, run 1) or is it better to lose more weight first?

  • Targeted Strength Exercise: I read that people spend sessions targeting a specific group of muscles. I think I am way too beginner to start worrying about that, but at what point is it important for me to pay attention to that?

  • Higher Frequency of Exercise: I’ve really started to like strength exercise and would like to try it more, however how big is the risk of injury when doing so. I am thinking of daily sessions or hell, even twice a day! I’ve started to find fun in this. However, is this healthy and not counterproductive? I also have friends that say they do 50 pushups several times in a day, is that useful?

  • Dietary Considerations: As a beginner with simple to medium exercise, do I need to pay special attention to protein intake (vegetarian)? I’ve used MyFitnessPal for a bit (if I remember to) and y intake seems okay? Stuff like protein shakes just seems excessive at this stage but doesn’t hurt to ask!

  • If y’all have fun workout suggestions please hit me up :-)!

Thank you so much for your time and help <3!


Introduction: Soooo, this is all new to me. I consider myself a pretty nice guy, I’ve always been a bit overweight (did play football/soccer throughout most of my youth) but I went to uni and got fatter and now I’m suffering through a PHD (don’t ever go do this) and it’s gotten worse. I am slouchy, slow, don’t get out much and sedentary almost all day. Having had a bit of a wake-up call (I never weighed myself, probably self-protection, the doc made me do it, I hit 135 kg!!! (300 pounds?), which did not make for a nice xmas)) so for the past few weeks I’ve really been working at it. I never really ate unhealthy and always cooked for myself, but I have learned that my salt-intake was quite a bit too high and my portions too big. I had a few small relapses and I think I skipped exercise twice so far (which I guess is not desirable, but no cause for huge concern). Also I get anxious when around a lot of people and get very super uncomfortable, I hate hate HATE going to the gym, not for the evil workouts, but for the scary people. I’ll get over this, but please bear with me. Another minor detial, I’m a vegetarian 13 days a fortnight.

Work in Progress: Naturally, some things have changed since. I’ve been drinking 2.5-3 liters of water a day, sometimes more (up from like 2 glasses and a metric gigafuckton of coffee and the occasional beer or 10), and I’ve started tracking my calorie intake (which was a little high but I’m getting better at it). I’ve gotten myself a bit of a schedule now. Day 1 I do a fitness workout (I started with this one using the 8kg bells mostly, I’ve since added an incline bench row (3 sets 12 reps 8kg), lying lateral row (3 sets 12 reps 8 kg) something that slowly starts to resemble ab crunches (3 sets 12 reps), and an exercise where you are on hands and knees, then extend an arm and the opposite leg (e.g. right arm left leg)) and Day 2 would be a 45-60 min paced walk (staying above 5-6 km/h depending on terrain). I’d usually interchange these two.

If anybody notices a significant oversight in my exercises where I’m missing some seemingly obvious muscles, please let me know :-)!

So far: It’s actually not too bad! The biggest change I noticed is that getting up early in the morning isn’t that bad that I just feel BETTER during the day. That’s really it. I lost about 5kg so far but I gotta be honest, that seems pretty minor. I feel better and happier which I didn’t expect.

Material: I own a comfy mat, a fancy fitness bench, dumbbells 4kgx2, 8kgx2, 12kgx2 but can go and buy some bigger boys. I don’t mind purchasing some (affordable) material but it needs to fit into my appartment. A mate of mine wants to help me get comfy with the gym but I am not mentally ready to make that a big/main part of my routine if y’all don’t mind.

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