My first “you should stop losing weight” comment : loseit

My first "you should stop losing weight" comment : loseit
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I’ve read the stories on here, but never thought I’d encounter it myself. I’m 33, male, 1m87 (6’1). At my starting point I was 106 kg (233 lbs). I felt bad about my weight and how I looked. My shirts didn’t fit, I had no energy, etc. I had tried weight watchers (the app) before or just on my own, but I would always yoyo my weight.

This time I decided to go see a dietitian. She helped me see where and what I was eating wrong and is helping me have a better relationship with food.

I went back for the 5th time yesterday and weighed in at 87.5 kg ! (192lbs). So that’s a total of 18.5kg lost (40 lbs) lost!

I started this at the end of October 2019, so I admit that the loss is rather fast, but my dietitian is monitoring it and is happy with it. (The last 6 weeks was a loss of 4kg – 8 lbs; so still high, but ok) My BMI is just in the healthy range (24.9).

Now, people have started noticing. All have been positive, commenting on how much better I look. A lot say they can really see it in my face. (HOW BIG WAS MY FACE?? John Pinette, I know how you felt man! RIP )

Today, however, a friend asked me if I had lost more weight, I confirmed and then he said, well man, you really have to stop. I was like… nooo.. I don’t. I still want to lose some. After some pushing I said I want to lose another 8kg or so, and be around 80 kg. (176lbs) to be at a nice weight for myself.

He was really saying things like, it’s not healthy, you’re starving yourself, etc.

A bit frustrating, but I know I’m doing this for me, for my goals and for my health!

So.. any other stories like this? 🙂

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