My thoughts, lessons learned and successes after 30 days of my health journey. : loseit

My thoughts, lessons learned and successes after 30 days of my health journey. : loseit
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My story is similar to a lot here. I am a 28 year old female and work swinging shift work as a police dispatcher. I have been around this subreddit for years, half heartedly starting and falling off the wagon again and again. This year, I really wanted to get healthy – did a half hearted attempt in January that didn’t last 2 weeks. April 6th, I read an article about how obesity impacts Coronavirus and realized that I am literally putting myself at risk of dying – through COVID, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

April 7th, I committed to doing 100 days of what I knew to be healthy choices from all the research I had done through the years. Walk the walk for 100 days and see what happens. No scale goal. Just do it for 100 days. Eat 1200 calories a day. Move more – walking, occasional yoga, tennis and maybe a work out or two if I really feel it.

Start: 100KG at 5’4 put me at a BMI of 37.8.

I am now 30 days into this journey I committed to and I have learned an immense amount about myself, my previous attempts and why they didn’t work, and how I hope to move forward from this point.

I have learned:

  • I am my own worst enemy it is my brain and my choices that got me to this point. I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t need that food. I have never once been hungry on 1200 calories a day. Not true hunger.

  • My previous attempts at weight loss didn’t work because I didn’t truly want them to. I wanted to lose weight but still be able to eat the same portion size as my 6’4 male partner. I wanted to be able to continue eating a bag of chips because it made my brain happy. I wanted to change enough to lose weight so that I could go back to that behaviour some day. I am learning that this change is not a 1 month, or 100 days or 1 year change. This is a lifestyle change that will impact the rest of my life – forever

  • I was doing it for the wrong reasons, and with the wrong mindset. I wanted to lose way to be sexy or look prettier. I wanted to fit in with my smaller peers. I hated my current body and I hated myself for letting my body get to that point. I have learned that the most sustainable way to lose weight is to do it from a place of love for yourself. Love yourself and your current body enough to give it the best possible care and health and future

Day 30: 93KG at 5’4 puts me at a BMI of 35.0. I am too shy for body progress pics, but enjoy my face gains.

I have maintained 1200 calories a day for the entire 30 days – I have allowed myself to have pizza once or twice, eat goldfish almost every day. I still have foods I love, but I only have a portion of them. I eat a lot more fruits and vegetables because I want to and because they are filling on fewer calories. My cravings are changing to crave water when I am thirsty and fruits and veggies when I am hungry. I still have occasional urges to get a bag of doritos and eat them while reading a book but that voice is easier and easier to say no to.

I am so happy I committed to 100 days and I cannot wait to see how much my health has improved 70 days from today (and then 170 days, and so on).

I am new to this and still learning a lot myself but please reach out if you have questions, want to chat or need support. This community has helped me immensely and I would love to give back into it.

TL;DR – committed to 100 days of healthy eating so I don’t die an early death due to obesity. 30 days in and I have lost 7KG (15.4lbs) and learned that doing this out of a place of love for myself is so much more sustainable.

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