No longer obese, and NSV: I have a waist!! (Pic inside) : loseit

No longer obese, and NSV: I have a waist!! (Pic inside) : loseit
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As of this morning, I am officially just overweight, not obese! This is the lowest I have weighed in at least 12 years, possibly lowest in 18 years. At 5’2.5″, I topped out at 220 in 2016 and don’t have any photos of myself at that weight at all. I’ve lost weight in bits and spurts with periods of maintenance in between since then. At the end of feb, beginning of march, weighing in at 186 lbs with no idea of the madness that was about to befall us all, I decided it was time to try to drop another 20 lbs. When stay at home orders began, I was about 5 or 7 lbs down and decided I would keep trying for as long as I could, but if it got too difficult, I’d switch to maintaining my weight. There have been ups and downs, but it has been mostly downs.. the good kind of downs, and as of this morning my BMI is 29.9, and I weigh 165.8 lbs. I’M sure tomorrow that will fluctuate up again, it always does but for now I’ll take it!!

Motivated by this, I dug through some old photos looking for a picture of myself in clothing I still own, so I could take comparison photos since I still see the same fat girl in the mirror. Lo and behold, I just discovered, I HAVE A WAIST!!!

Look at it. LOOK AT MY WAIST!!! (Before pic from Nov 2018, probably about 185-190 lbs, after pic from today at 165.8 lbs)

How I lost the weight – when it comes down to it, it was basic CICO. I don’t track every calorie I eat, but I am aware of which foods I are calorie dense and which are not. I knew that I was managing to maintain my weight with small fluctuations up and down within a 5 lb range, so making better choices would get me there. Filling up on celery and carrot sticks while cooking meals = eating less spaghetti = fewer calories consumed. Lots of soup/broth based meals = filling up on water = fewer calories consumed. Making myself a cup of tea each time I wander into the kitchen looking for a snack = eating fewer pretzels = fewer calories consumed. So, basically CICO, just managed in a way I can handle without going stark raving mad.

From here.. I still have at least another 35 lbs to lose. With shelter in place, and not going grocery shopping, making varied meals with lots of vegetables is getting difficult. So, at this point I am going to cut myself some slack and just focus on maintaining where I am. If some more weight drops off, great. If not,I’m good where I am for now, learning to be comfortable at eating intuitively at this weight for a while before I start making more tweaks for that final push.

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